Bring your outstanding ideas into life using our solutions with cutting edge technology
and optimized algorithms.

Grocery App

Boost your business reach, enable your customers to shop items, offer them an unperturbed experience.

E-commerce App

We are here to take your business online by helping you develop your
e-commerce app.

E-learning App

E-learning apps now enables a wide variety of features for the students and the tutors to interact quickly.

Food delivery App

Promoted the restaurants to improve their business during peak and
non-peak time.

Taxi App

In this model, the taxi business owner can extend his/her scale of the business by launching an app.

Fantasy & Sports App

The intensity among users are also improving thereby generate more revenue to the business owners.

Our Customized Business Solutions

At Cyfous, we are ready to serve our clients most professionally and maintain the ethics of the cooperate world and adhering to the clients’ requirements and aspirations. Cyfous will help you to take your business on a global level. Here At Cyfous, we don’t compromise on the quality of our solutions.


Grocery App

Now provide all your shoppers with the best Grocery eCommerce platform to deliver them at their doorstep. Our Uber for Grocery app is based on the concept of “App For Every Grocery Store”. Being a leading on demand Grocery app development company, we are well aware about the challenges to cope up with the never-ending demand of the shoppers. And therefore, our eCommerce app builders have chosen a technology stack that will not only bring innovation, but also help you launch your Grocery app with various features like multiple payment gateway, order tracking, push notifications, and etc.
– Better Audience Engagement
– Offline to Online Transition
– Ease of Running Business

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E-commerce App

Our app will help you to simplify the running of your e-commerce business. We are providing an opportunity to explore the power of the digital marketplace. It is the best time to kickstart your company on this platform and take your venture to the heights you dream of. We guarantee commercially viable and technically superior solutions.The apps we develop will be loaded with features, efficient to use and secure as well.
– Better Audience Engagement
– Easier to Market
– Ease of Running Business

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Taxi App

The taxi business is a recent industry where technological advancements were implemented—accurate GPS tracking facility and stable network infrastructure for secure and quick taxi business into the digital platform. We are providing an opportunity to explore the power of the digital marketplace. It is the best time to kickstart your business on this platform and take your venture to the heights you dream of. We guarantee commercially viable and technically superior solutions.
– Real-time tracking and Map Integration
– Driver Profile & Traveller Profile
– Easy Payment Methods

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Looking for mobile app development company?

We are passionate and dedicated to our clients. We are even more passionate about interacting with our Let us get in touch to get more info about your vibrant project. Our Business executive will respond to you as soon as possible. Contact


Industries We Serve

The sector you focus on is not a barrier to us.. We implement cutting edge technology and algorithms to help you yield the best results possible. Our team is dynamic and ambitious, regardless of the difficulty of the project.

As the demand for products Is increasing day by day, the need to break the distance and time barriers is essential now in the business. Allow us to take your business into the digital market.Mobile for your brand will be the best way to market your products and help you create a brand image among your consumers. With smooth integration of multiple payment apps and live tracking features, your customers can purchase your top-quality products with just a few taps on their mobile devices. Our professional app design and developer team will give your customers a different dimension in the online shopping experience.

Case Studies

We always focus on learning, expanding our knowledge. When you are the best out there, we have to do our best to continue to be the best.

Our On-Demand App Solution Process

Our On-Demand App helps you to take your business into the digital market. We develop solutions with only top of the line technology and complies with your requirements. Our team is ready to face any challenges and barriers because we are powered by the adrenaline we derive from facing those barriers

Product Strategy

After discussing and analyzing our clients requirement, our skilled team will come up with a frame-work suitable to your requirements. we will help you kickstarting your digital venture. We will make sure all our client’s essential conditions are met and are completely satisfied with our proposal.


The basic purpose of a design is to communicate and help the user to interact better. Our talented design team is up to date with the latest trends in UI/UX design without compromising the client’s vision. The design will be implemented in such a way that itblends in with the client’s requirement and vision.


Our development team is determined to use only the most optimized technologies and algorithms in all the apps we develop. As there are is a rapid development in mobile platforms, network infrastructure, agility and stability must be an essential quality in every app in mobile devices The back end, API, the front end all three essential components will be tweaked and optimized in a way there will be lesser difficulty In managing and using the app we develop.


We make sure that our apps are secure, usable and stable by conducting repeated qualityassurance tests at the final stages of the development process. The whole mobile app is tested in different mobile platforms and mobile devices to make sure that our app is bug free and running smoothly because we don’t compromise on quality of the apps we develop.


After passing our QA tests and protocols, the app will be approved to launch. Our apps are compatible in both IOS and Android. Your giant leap to the digital market has been completed but Our commitment does not end there. We provide excellent after sale service throughout the clock. We will help you stay on top of the latest technological advancements but providing regular updates and patches.

Technology Stack For App Solution

Apart from the rapid evolution of technology, t he implementation of that advanced technology is also happening on every possible scale. Therefore we need to be on top of the game on the latest technologies and software. Our team members ensure that they are up to date with the latest trends and tries their best to implement those technologies in our software.


Why Choose Cyfous?

Here at Cyfous, We always focus on gaining an edge over the last project we worked on. We always focus on improving our skills and expanding our knowledge base as wide as possible only to serve our clients better. We are very specific about the commitments we make and encourage ourselves to push all our limits to complete the project within the stipulated time and budget. We are happy to help and have a conversation about the crazy idea of our ambitious clients. Cyfous is not just the employees and the service we provide; it is also about our clients and competitors.

Cyfous team are always looking for an opportunity to implement our technologies cost-effectively, thereby benefiting our clients and their dream project. Our team is ready to help and provide resources to our clients whenever and wherever required.

Approach us today to know about how to build an Android/iOS eCommerce app, its development process, completion time, eCommerce app development cost, etc. We guarantee commercially viable and technically superior solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are ready to answer your queries at any time. Our priority is customer satisfaction in our solutions and service.

Choosing your mobile app development framework depends on the scale of the app you want to publish. We, Cyfous: Mobile App Development Company in Kerala, will guide you through the whole process and will be more than delighted to have transparent communication between you and us. The UI/UX, the audience you are targeting, will play a key role in choosing your mobile app development framework. As a leading Mobile App Development Company in Kochi, we are well versed in industry-leading technology stacks and mobile app development framework.

Major mobile app development companies in Kerala will include hidden charges, thereby misusing the client’s financial resources. The cost of the mobile app we develop depends upon the complexity of the app and the features you want to include. We offer many payment methods and subscriptions suiting your convenience.

We, Cyfous: Mobile App Development Company in Kerala, prioritize our client’s needs and offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of the solutions we provide. We provide complete transparency regarding all financial transactions to uphold our company’s values. Contact us to know more about Mobile App Development Cost

Unlike other mobile app development companies in Kerala, We handle each project responsibly and systematically. We allocate each project to our talented Project Manager, who has an ample amount of Industry experience to overlook the progress of your project. He/She will be your contact point for all your mobile app development project requirements and updates. He will send you monthly reports and update you regularly through any medium of your choice. We Cyfous: Mobile App Development Company in Kochi have a concrete network infrastructure and encourage all our project manager to develop a cordial and professional relationship with our Clients.

We value your concern over the privacy and security of your data and project. We are more than happy to sign an NDA with our clients. We, Cyfous: Mobile App Development Company in Kerala, do not compromise on quality or security. After completing the project, we will hand over your app to you and our complimentary three months after sale supports and the source code to you. The three-month after-sale support we provide is a first in segment among Mobile App Development Companies in Kochi.

The after-sale support can be extended after the complimentary three months period.

We are more than happy to collaborate with your team. Thereby we will be able to grasp your company’s values and integrate your values into your project more efficiently. We Cyfous: Mobile App Development Company in Kerala always looks for opportunities to gain industry exposure, and hence collaborating with your team will help us achieve that.


We are happy to collaborate with clients with passion. We make sure that they are delighted with our service and products. Thank You to all the clients for entrusting us to do our best!.

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Thank You for visiting Cyfous. We would love to have a conversation with You!. Please fill the form or drop a mail. Our business executive will contact you as soon as possible.We are a company with a global outlook and are open to your suggestions and feedback. Lets Collaborate! Cyfous ensure that our clients will progress upward by implementing our solution in their business