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Client specific website design with strategic insights helps create uniqueness, greater brand engagement,
higher conversions and quantifiable results.

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Website Design Process

A detailed website design process is important to make sure the design is on the right
path and would provide expected results.

Discovery & Strategy

In Depth Discovery & Targeted Website Strategy

Website design would initially require a detailed and careful research of the goals of the project along with in-depth analysis and extensive planning such that the key elements can be kept visually stunning and easy to use.

Information Architecture

Planning & Information Architecture

What a website should look like can only be finalised once the required features, functionalities, and structure are clearly defined at the start of the project. This could easily be used as a reerence for everyone in the project at any point of time.

Creative Design

Creative Design & Mockup Iteration

A mockup iteration of the design would ensure that the goals and objectives of earchach specific project is met based on industry research. The success depends on how well it is perceived by the target audience.

Coding &Development

Front-end Coding & Back-end Development

A proper yet simple and easy to learn Content Management System ensures that everything on the site is easily modifiable and business can regularly update as and when required to encourage users to visit the site often.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality Assurance team tests the entire functionality of the site and assures you that all issues are addressed well before delivering the product in order to guarantee a successful launch of the website.

Launch & Optimization

Launch, Analysis & Optimization

A website design can never be a fully complete one. Analysis and latest trends would always keep it in a developing phase. It is an ongoing process and changes are inevitable, it would be based on individual features, elements of the website and how users are interacting with the site.

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