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Essential Features of a
Ecommerce Website

Give users the choice to search for the products that they’re interested in.

Suggested Pages

If results are suggested in the search bar, it will send traffic to specific products or categories and help you sell more. Traffic can also be pushed to specific parts of the website by highlighting promotions and seasonal holidays.

Related Products

Users will always have a tendency to see similar products. This featue is a great way to increase your customers and they tend to spend more time and money to check other related products or a new range of items. Adding an extra feature to share on social media would double the customer flow rate.

Product Filtering

The main advantage od filtering is that users do not have to go through the actual product page but just click on a particuar category and opt for quick preview. Filtering can mostly be done on the basis of price, popularity, rating, average customer reviews and more. This features avoids users to brose to endless pages just to find a particular product.

Product Details

Providing complete and extensive details of a product makes users confident about the product they are purchasing. Details should be provided in a clean and concise manner. Whenever products, sizes, or colors go out of stock, customers should be allowed to sign up to notify them about the availablity of products they were looking for. This would prevent customers from depending on competitors' sites.

Dynamic Shopping Cart

A dynamic shopping cart includes a small display area on the page which would be populated with products, the customer keeps adding This makes the customer experience smooth and customers are assured that goods have been added to the cart. The cart should also have an option to save it for later, instead of deleting the alrready existing filled up cart.

Shipping Options

Shipping Options could include speed delivery or normal delivery. It is essential for ecommerce site to avoid a flat rate for shipping. Speed delivery could be charged a little more than normal delivery. Customers should have the option to check the shipping charges and its calculations while on the shopping cart page itself, before checkout, since checkout process is a significant investment of time and effort.

Payment Confirmation

A email acknowledgement of the purchase long with payment and shipping information can be sent to the customers. This would help customers track their products once it is shipped, letting them know where the product has reached and scheduled date of delivery.

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