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What Exactly Is A CMS?

In easiest terms, a CMS is a software package that facilitates the creation, publishing, distribution, association and administration of online content. As you will see beneath, most CMS look fundamentally the same as word processing application, similar to Microsoft's Word.

A CMS not just makes the structure of how data articles, video, plan components and pictures will be introduced, it gives all tools for populating a site. A CMS helps the web manager by giving instruments to the formation of content, the distributing of the content, and, eventually to archiving and storing the content.

Depending upon the customer's needs and staffing, the CMS can be intended for use by a very specialized website admin or can be so basic and natural that even the most mechanically challenged editors can utilize it viably.

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Cyfous Technologies is able to work with numerous Content Management Systems, including our own WebModulite CMS.

Benefits Opencart WordPress Magento Drupal
Open Source Checkmark Logo Checkmark Logo Checkmark Logo Checkmark Logo
Works well with corporate and informational sites Checkmark Logo Checkmark Logo
Works well as an ecommerce solutions Checkmark Logo Checkmark Logo
Easily scalable and customizable Checkmark Logo
Excellent SEO and online marketing capabilities Checkmark Logo Checkmark Logo Checkmark Logo
Simple, use-friendly content management Checkmark Logo Checkmark Logo
Good for multi-purpose websites Checkmark Logo Checkmark Logo
Notes Mainly for E-commerce websites Not ideal for customized sites with complex features Difficult and expensive to customize and build upon Complex solutions for all project types
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  1. Appropriate for basic content educational sites, web journals and standard professional sites.
  2. Quick to set up sites
  3. Huge community supporting it and updating the code
  4. Open source and broadly utilized over the web
  5. Useful for exceptionally basic web based business (1-3 items)


  1. Not appropriate for general or propelled web based business ventures, however can coordinate with Magento to overcome issue. There is an internet business module, however the functionality is restricted, so it may not be adequate for the customer (depending upon the customer's requests)
  2. Must refresh it to keep it secure
  3. Not useful for modified destinations with complex client created highlights (i.e. can't build Facebook on it)
  4. Not useful for expansive media documents
  5. Plugs-ins may get broken with updates (so additional support is required for Wordpress destinations with modules)


The drawback of all CMS other than our own are as below:

They were developed by third-parties

We have less capacity to redo any elements that customers wish to work outside of the standard settings

Maintenance can be difficult and more time-consuming

We are not as acquainted with these frameworks and in this manner advancement/investigating/future changes take any longer.

We are not bound by plug-ins or third-party

We are not bound by modules or outsider coding as far as customization; we can alter the CMS in extremely imaginative ways (however custom capacities must be developed starting from the earliest stage)

It allows for the most scalability moving forward

Our framework is a greatly improved answer for online organizations who predict their sites or their plan of action changing every now and again or fundamentally after some time – this is a superior model for new/more current business ventures where customers have respectable starting budgets; it takes into consideration the most scalability moving forward.

Requires the use of plug-ins or additional third-parties

Even when customization is possible, this requires the utilization of plug-ins or additional third-parties, in this way these frameworks are not advanced for highly-customized online presences.

These systems are limited in terms of customizations

Main drawback is that these frameworks are restricted as far as customizations – these are just great answers for customers who don't have a considerable measure of cash and furthermore need an extremely direct site with essential capacities. Any customers who wish to have very modified online solutions ought to run with our framework in light of the fact that our framework is versatile for ease of use.

We know the greater part of its peculiarities

Our group fabricated this framework, so we know the greater part of its eccentricities and are a great deal more agile as far as training and troubleshooting.

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